Saturday, January 28, 2012


Can we see the twin hair in this pic?
Look who's sitting up now!
Grandma Sherry came for a surprise visit this last weekend. Thanks Grandma, we love you!
And to think they wouldn't let us bring her home from the hospital because she wasn't gaining enough weight...17lbs at 7 months...that's my girl!
My little swimmer girl...she literally went down this water slide over and over for at least 2 hours!
My little helper in the you need something? I'm reading!We have learned the art of giving Taylor 2 choices to choose from, both of which we would like her to do. For example: "Do you want to put your shirt on while you're sitting down or standing up?", "Do you want to eat your dinner with a fork or spoon?" You get the idea. Well, this is what I overheard Taylor telling her baby doll the other day:
Taylor: "Baby, do you want to go to the park naked, or do you want to wear a hat? It's going to be freezing outside!"
I was dying! Naked or Naked with a hat? Love it! I love the innocence of our little ones. She says the funniest things.


Emily Jones said...

That's so adorable! At least her doll will have a warm head, right? I love the funny things kids say. Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Robyn-you have the cutest family! And you are totally beautiful! I love how chubby London is! And Taylor looks like she's got some spunk-I love it!